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Golf Tours Transfers Charter Bus Hire in Sydney

Sydney Golf Tours Transfers & Charter Bus Hire Transport

NSW has some of the finest golf courses in Australia and with Sydney hosting some of the top names in golf courses it is a very popular sport and attraction for golfers across the country to play at these esteemed courses.

Using a private group transport and charter bus company is the easiest and smartest way for your group to play at these courses as the group stays together and has a good time together.

Sydney Charter Bus offers a minibus with luggage trailer or coach for all golf tours in Sydney with inclusive pickup at Sydney Airport and return at the end of the tour.

One company, one solution, one phone call away.

We have been providing golf day transfers for over 15 years to all the courses in Sydney and can offer advice and experience on most of the major golf courses in Sydney.

Some courses may not be accessible by a large coach so minibuses with luggage trailers are the best options, even if you need two or three minibuses, Sydney Charter Bus has you covered.

We have a large weatherproof and secure luggage trailer to cater for golf clubs and bags.

Golf Tours & Golf Transfers in Sydney

We can also supply the minibuses or coaches for your Sydney airport arrivals and extra services you may require like dinner transfers.

Our airport transfers have simple arrival procedures as to where to meet the bus at Sydney Domestic T2 & T3 terminals and Sydney International Terminal T1.

Private Shopping Tours in Sydney

Shopping Tours Sydney

Shopping Tours in Sydney offers many opportunities to grab some bargains at factory outlet and warehouse prices. Across Sydney there are many small and large outlets and warehouses offering goods at discounted rates.

Sydney Charter Bus provides a personal experience and bespoke shopping tours in and around Sydney. While there are many choices for bus sizes, some outlets and factories are limited in space to accept large vehicles or don’t have the appropriate parking or turning areas for large coaches.

A minibus is a great value option, not only for small to medium size groups but the accessibility they have to areas the coaches cannot access. The minibuses can also bring a large, secure and weatherproof box trailer for goods to be stored throughout the day.

All vehicles are air-conditioned for comfort and have seatbelts for safety.

A shopping tour can be used to raise funds for a special event, a charity fundraiser or local fundraiser for a school.

A shopping tour in Sydney is a perfect way to raise funds and have a great day outing as well with friends and family.
Tip * Being the organiser you can snag a few extra benefits by contacting the outlets direct, let them know you are wanting to bring a group in and can they offer any incentives to bring the group there. It may be as little as a free coffee and a biscuit or as large as a coupon or voucher for that store.

At Sydney Charter Bus; we provide private shopping tours in Sydney so we don’t mix groups and only cater to your group with your itinerary and your times. We offer door to door service with the times that suits you. It’s that simple and convenient. Our focus is on your group and your day.

All our Sydney shopping tours are bespoke and we follow the itinerary set out by you regarding the locations to visit. We understand that timings don’t always go as planned and things may take longer at one location and less time at another which poses no problems for us. We are “as directed” on the day.

As every group is a different demographic in age or preferences in fashion, we know not to try to persuade you to visit an outlet so can receive a commission, we receive no kickbacks, commissions or incentives to bring groups to warehouses or factory outlets. We leave the destinations to your choosing.

We operate all year round. All services comes with a professional driver and you do not have to provide lunch for the driver, we take care of our own.

When choosing your destinations for the day, please keep in mind a meal break and travel time between locations as Sydney traffic is never going to get better. It may be only a short distance between outlets but may take longer than expected.

Locations such as DFO or Birkenhead which have many stores are ideal as you can experience the bargains in less time and not have to worry about spending an hour finding parking.

Christmas Outlets
Fashion Boutiques
Designer Boutiques
Arts & crafts
Men’s Fashion
Handbags / Luggage
Sporting Goods / Apparel

Jewellery / Accessories
Ladies Fashion
Children’s Fashion
Lingerie / Sleepwear
Homewares / Furniture
Speciality Stores

For further reading please see our Sydney Shopping Tours Page

Please read our Shopping Tours frequently asked questions page.

Wedding Bus Hire Sydney

Wedding Bus Hire

Wedding Shuttle Bus Hire Sydney

Weddings in Sydney are always a special occasion but with Sydney’s current parking problems it becomes difficult for wedding planners to meet parking demands for guests. A lot of wedding services now are trending towards having the reception close to where the ceremony is located but sometimes it’s just that little bit too far to walk so the solution is a shuttle bus service.

Locations such as Bradleys Head in Mosman is one of the top wedding ceremony sites in Sydney with stunning city and harbour panoramic views situated in an open-air amphitheatre makes this an attractive option for any lucky couple tying the knot in front of impressed family and friends.

Most of the weddings at Bradleys Head Amphitheatre hold the reception at either Athol Hall Function Centre which is only one kilometre away or the Taronga Centre which is a further 500 metres.

As there is only about 11 car spaces at Bradleys Head, a free parking space is extremely unlikely and given the fact that while the wedding ceremony booked with the council, they supply a ranger and he/she takes one spot then reserves two spaces for the wedding. One for the wedding car and the other for a shuttle bus. That leaves eight spaces free. This is not enough to offer to your guests. The solution is to park around the parking spaces at Taronga Zoo and offer a shuttle bus to and from the Amphitheatre. Athol Hall also has parking so the shuttle bus can also stop there.

Offering guests another choice if they don’t want to drive is to have them catch the ferry to Taronga Zoo Wharf and the shuttle bus can add that as an additional pickup location.

As Bradleys Head vehicle useability is limited due to the road size, hairpin bends and turning circles so can only access using smaller vehicles. RMS states that no bus bigger than a 12 seater is to access Bradleys Head so if you have 100 or more guests then it is recommended using at least two shuttle buses for the wedding shuttle service as that makes it five runs each all within the hour.

The most common misconception is that because it’s only 1.5kms each way the shuttle bus should be up and back in minutes but that is not the case. The road is narrow and steep so the speed is slow and if oncoming vehicles it slows down more. Arriving at Bradleys Head Amphitheatre is not a quick drop and turnaround and return. If there is cars double parked waiting on a free space (and there usually is) or a vehicle is attempting to manoeuvre in a tight space it adds minutes to the run. Adding the loading and unloading of passengers all adds time. The run is about 12 minutes return.

Other locations may be a few kilometres away so a minibus 20 seater with driver can do 5 or more runs within the hour. You can opt for a coach to do some shuttle runs, however some churches may be only accessible through streets that have a vehicle weight limit or the street is too narrow for coach access or it is a tree lined with low overhanging branches which makes coaches unable to enter. Sydney Charter Bus offers great price rates for wedding bus hire Sydney.

There are many factors that require a shuttle bus for a wedding. Sydney Charter Bus are experts in the wedding shuttle bus hire and wedding shuttle bus services industry. Contact our friendly staff to obtain more information and a free no obligation quote for your next wedding bus hire Sydney.

Staff Shuttle Bus Service Sydney

Benefits of a Staff Shuttle Bus Service in Sydney

Staff Shuttle Bus Service Sydney

Staff Shuttle Bus Service Sydney

Employee Shuttle Bus

Staff Shuttle Bus Service Sydney are a great way to promote workplace wellbeing and safety for office staff.

Sydney Charter Bus offers private contracted employee shuttle bus services in Sydney from a designated pickup point at a local car parking station, train or bus station, transport hub or any safe pickup zone to and from work grounds.

Sydney parking is at breaking point and is getting worse. Each year businesses have started to realise that a staff shuttle bus not only improves staff wellbeing but also productivity. With many valued employees leaving jobs because of restricted parking or prospective employees not accepting job titles because they may have to walk one kilometre or more from a parking or train/bus station.

One a nice day this may seem like a walk but in the middle of Sydney summers you will arrive to work clammy and uncomfortable. Winter time is just unpleasant and if it’s cold and rainy then the obvious choice is a staff shuttle bus.

For many women whom wear high heels to work then it will mean a spare bag for walking shoes. This is just not appealing for a lot of employees.

Every year the parking around corporate business parks, factories and shopping centres gets worse and worse.

Why relocate at a massive cost? Invest in a staff shuttle bus from Sydney Charter Bus.

Businesses that have already began staff shuttle buses have successfully demonstrated increased productivity and a higher sense of wellbeing in the workplace which helps them feel more connected to their workplace.

When employers are undertaking job interviews or building owners want to promote office space; a major drawcard is offering the shuttle service. A big turnoff for any potential client or employee is restricted parking and with Sydney squeezing in building after building into already busy suburbs.

When staff travel on shuttle buses together it allows the chance for these employees to bond with each other and we all know that a teamwork is crucial in the workplace. It also allows staff to get to know other co-workers that otherwise would not generally meet in the general working sphere.

When employees have to travel from the far reaches of Sydney to their workplace it may involve walking, driving or bus to the local train station, one or two and perhaps three train rides then having to walk the last leg to work does not make you want to get out of bed in the morning. A staff shuttle is a perfect way to eliminate some of this stress which means less sick days.

Staff safety is paramount. When employees have to walk in the dark to and from transport hubs, it can be a scary time for some. Eliminate this fear and stress with a shuttle bus run. Tick the boxes for your OH&S checks.

Sydney Charter Bus has been running local shuttle buses in North Ryde, Macquarie Park, Top Ryde, Lane Cove and Sydney CBD locations for over 6 years now and staff feedback has always been positive.

Staff on the bus have some time to talk about the day’s work schedule on the morning run or discuss tomorrows work schedule on the evening run.

Shuttle buses will drop off and pickup right at the front door of the workplace, it’s a personal service which makes staff have a more personal experience.

In business parks and industrial areas it’s also positive to have a lunch run to a local shopping centre which allows staff to get lunch or purchase goods from supermarkets that they’d be unable to do during a normal work day.

Lunch runs are always a winner.

Using a local bus company means the driver is never too far away so is always punctual which means that staff arrive on time all the time.

When there are multiple business in one Business Park then sharing the cost is perfect. Not only will you have happier employees but you’ll be known as a fantastic employer for supporting a better workplace environment a commitment to staff for their wellbeing. Be known for a great place to work.

With the price of road tolls in Sydney skyrocketing, fuel costs, on-road costs, insurance, registration and the rest….it can cost more than $25 per day for commuters and along with sitting in traffic can take up to 90 minutes or more to get to work and the same getting home which is why more and more people are turning towards public transport. It may take the same length of time in travel but way less in costs. Sometimes the cost of getting to work cannot be justified. Double that cost if you have to pay for parking every day.

A Staff Shuttle Bus Service Sydney helps eliminate commuter costs and means less cars on the road which means less congestion which is better for the environment.

With more companies becoming more conscious of its carbon footprint, shuttle bus services reduce your carbon footprint and employees will be more likely to use the service knowing they are also helping the environment.

Building owners that offer a shuttle bus service share the cost with its tenants so prospective tenants will see a staff shuttle bus a beneficial for their business.

Why choose Sydney Charter Bus for your local Staff Shuttle Bus Service Sydney?

We are fully accredited bus and coach company with public liability insurance and all drivers are authorised to carry passengers displaying their drivers authority card.

All staff shuttle buses will have signage showing employees which bus to catch.

An accredited bus company is allowed to use the bus lanes and bus only lanes so longer shuttle bus journeys can follow bus routes with fewer stops and arrive to the business place front door. Perfect!

What is the first step?

  • Staff surveys to understand staff commute times and costs
  • Surveys to understand the demand for a shuttle bus
  • Contact a local & accredited bus company who can help with route mapping and timetables
  • Promoting the shuttle bus service and promoting awareness

What do we do?

  • Keep a concise record of patron usage (daily run sheets) for weekly, fortnightly or monthly electronic submission
  • Keep you up-to-date with road changes, roadworks and any details that may affect the service

Contact us today for great rates and free price quotes on any Staff Shuttle Bus Service Sydney.

bus hire sydney

Choosing The Right Vehicle

Bus Hire Sydney

Sydney Charter Bus has the right vehicle for your bus hire in Sydney. Please read below so you are aware of the types, seating capacity and comfort of the fleet to suite your requirements for your tour, charter / hire, wedding, airport transfers and general transfer and shuttle bus services. See our Fleet page for more details

  1. Luxury Coach (25-50 passengers)
  2. School Bus (1-65 passengers – 50 sitting / 15 standing)
  3. Minibus (13-20 passengers)
  4. Mini Coach (13-24 passengers)
  5. Minivan (7-12 passengers)
  6. Micro-coach (1-6 passengers)

Luggage trailers (1-20 suitcases)

See our Fleet page for bus and coach images and information about your bus hire in Sydney.


A coach (often called luxury coach) carry 25 to 50 passengers with a fleet of 34, 42, 46, 48 and 50 seater coaches. All coaches have mod cons including air-conditioner, DVD player, curtains and carpet. Some of the coaches do not have toilets and some do but the ones that do may have been converted into store rooms and remain locked to the public but regular toilet breaks are scheduled throughout the day on any coach without toilets.

School Bus

These are the people movers and cheaper than the coaches. There is nothing luxurious about them, no air-con and no luggage compartments. Used for schools and sometimes just getting a lot of people there and back at the cheapest rate.


The Toyota Coaster minibus is by far the most popular and reliable minibus on the market. These minibuses carry up to 20 (or 21 depending on the year model) passengers and the most popular minibus in the fleet. It has a lot of space to manoeuvre inside the vehicle and its seats are low-backed providing the passengers with a full 360 degree view. We all know Toyota is a reliable brand and these Coasters literally go forever. We like to call it “the social minibus” as passengers can see all around them and easily communicate with other passengers in the bus. By far the best minibus for reliability & comfort in Australia in its class.

Mini Coach

The 24 seater Mitsubishi Rosa: the people mover in the minibus market. A good bus by any means but the sacrifice of space to squeeze in extra seats means a sacrifice of comfort and having high-backed seats means that all you see is the back of the seat in front.

Theses minibuses are great for general charters but for touring it is not recommended or if there is a guide or team leader wishing to talk on the mic requiring everyone’s attention then passengers could be asleep and they wouldn’t be none the wiser.

For social groups it is not recommended. Another drawback for this vehicle is that it doesn’t suite the larger folk as the sacrifice for space for more seats means the aisle is very narrow which requires most people to walk sideways down the aisle and often bumping into other passengers and the seats are bucket seats which are smaller so not too comfortable for the larger folk or the passenger sitting next to them. You cannot simply take up 2 seats as they are separated unlike the Coaster.

The Rosa is designed for maximum capacity in minimal space.

We usually refer to the Rosa as a 24 seater, not a 25 seater. If there is 24 passengers then one has to sit in the front away for the rest of the group.


Still classed as a minibus, these are 14 seaters which is 13 passengers plus one driver.

The most common is the reliable Toyota Hiace.

The common class of these vehicles is usually called 12 seaters which is what we display on the website. The reason is that we don’t want to fill to capacity which would mean 1 passenger in the front. If you have 13 passengers we still recommend the 20 seater Coaster but we can do 13 in the Hiace if requested.


The name given to the smallest legal passenger vehicle allowed operating as a public passenger vehicle or tourist vehicle. This is a Toyota Tarago with a seating capacity of 6 (or 7 with one in the front). The micro coach is classed as a 7 seater on our website.

Luggage Trailers

Used for carrying luggage is an enclosed, lockable & weatherproof box-trailer.  Luggage trailers come in various sizes but usually the trailer is suited to the type of vehicle attached to.

In general: a 20 seater minibus would bring a luggage trailer suitable to hold 20 suitcases and a 12 seater a large or medium size but a 7 seater looks pretty strange pulling a large 20 suitcase trailer which causes wind resistance as the trailer is larger in width & height than the 7 seater so a small 10 suitcase trailer would be required.

As the coaches don’t really need one as they have under storage luggage bays and overhead storage for overnight bags and hand luggage.

Excess baggage or oversize luggage for passengers (depending on the group size) may require an extra luggage vehicle at the expense of the passengers. So excess baggage is not recommended unless it’s unavoidable but it will cost extra for a luggage vehicle.  A Passengers standard luggage requirements are 1 x large suitcase and 1 x cabin bag or hand luggage. Surfboards, golf clubs, prams and bikes etc is considered oversize luggage and should be mentioned at the time of booking.

Children, Babies / Child restraints and booster seats.

Do we need a child restraint in coaches & minibuses?

Service NSW regulations states the following;

Buses (more than 12 seats)

“A driver of a bus, that is designed to seat over 12 adults (including the driver), is not required to ensure passengers, including those under 16 years of age are in a restraint. It is recommended that where a restraint is available, it should be worn.”

What this means is a parent can nurse a baby or toddler without restraint in a vehicle over 12 seats.

For passengers in Australia & arriving from overseas (with different laws) it is always best to tell the company at the time of booking if children will be travelling on the bus and provide the children’s ages.

Please feel free to call us and discuss the vehicles capacities, comfort and legal requirements.

Sydney Charter Bus provides great rates for all bus hire Sydney.

Australian Bus and Coach Show

Australian Bus & Coach Show

Australian Bus & Coach Show 2016

The Australian Bus & Coach Show 2016 is being held in The Dome, Exhibition Halls 2 – 4 at Sydney Showground, Sydney Olympic Park over 2 days on Wednesday, 5th October 2016 and Thursday, 6th October 2016.
The Australian Bus and Coach Show allows exhibitors and visitors a modern and particle facility where all new coaches and buses with display booths can be displayed in the one indoor arena.

The Australian Bus & Coach Show 2016 will raise the standards for coach and bus shows in Australia and provides a chance for the industry to showcase the latest vehicles, products, services and technology available.

All attendees will have an excellent opportunity to evaluate and source different products and services as well as meet industry related businesses at this one convenient location in Sydney.

With over $50m worth of buses and coaches on display in one indoor arena, over 100 exhibition booths displaying products, services and tourism information; this is a must for any transport company, tourism and travel agencies, bus enthusiasts or anyone just wanting to see the latest technology, vehicles and products available in 2016.

With free technical workshops and social functions to network with industry professionals the Australian Bus & Coach Show is the perfect opportunity to get out of the house this October.

When: 5th and 6th October 2016

Where: Sydney Showground – The Dome, Halls 2A, 2B, 3A

Cost: Free

Times: 9 AM – 4:30 PM

See you there





















































































See Sydney Showground site for more details

Rock Tour Bus pt. 2

Sydney by Rock Tour Bus

Part 2

Hello. I’m taking you on a tour through my mind’s charter bus, to give you one very specific, highly limited visitor’s vision of Sydney. My vision of Sydney is signposted by rock venues. Some of them existing, some of them but a memory. If you’ll indulge me, hop on the mental tour bus (is there any other kind?) and enjoy the ride. It’ll be loud, smelly, and your feet will stick to the carpet. Beats Sydney Tower any day.

Sydney has had its fair share of iconic rock venues over the years. I was lucky enough to play at the Hordern Pavillion as part of the Big Day Out. A big, noisy crowd in that place sends tingles up your nether regions, but that wasn’t its chief thrill, I must admit. Like Melbourne’s Festival Hall and Brisbane’s (sadly demolished) similar version, all of which I have spent quality time cavorting around, there’s excitement to be had just traipsing around the backstage corridors taking in the antiquated structures, the original hand-painted lettering on the toilet doors, and reminding yourself that these corridors were walked by The Beatles, the Stones, Lionel Rose, hell, I bet even the Pope played here.

Sydney also has slightly smaller, but equally famous rock tour bus landmarks. I was sorry I was too young to experience the Bondi Lifesaver, that mythical place called “The Swap” I’d read about in the pages of the long-forgotten national rock magazine “Ram”. I did, however, get to play at Selinas, another name which you’d see on every national touring band’s itinerary. My chief memory of Selinas was its tardis-like ability to accommodate the population of a small nation inside its apparently unobtrusive RSL-like interior. Oh, and the memory of one of my colleagues hanging helplessly from a lighting rig way up in the ceiling and then plopping into the heaving crowd like that lawyer chained to a sea-bound rangehood in Blue Murder.

However, it is one other place in Sydney that has, for me, achieved a milestone in tour bus appreciation: my favourite all-time venue.

I’m talking about The Metro Theatre. Or these days officially known as The Virgin Mobile Metro. Just three minutes from Town Hall station along George Street and you’ll find it there, a theatre with a rich history, but since the early 90s, in my memory at least, the best rock venue in Australia. This extraordinarily ham-fisted claim is made from both the point of view of the performer and the audience, of which I have been both.

The Metro – like Melbourne’s Forum – combines olde worlde theatre design, in particular an excellent foyer bar with a wide, ostentatious carpeted stairway so you feel like you’re really going to a ‘show’. And then there’s the room itself, which for me seals the reputation.

The Metro is my venue of choice because it’s just the right size for a rock gig. It holds around a thousand, which is, when packed, enough to create a serious rock crowd noise – but is small enough to see the whites of the protagonists’ eyes – be that performer or stage diver – and incorporates a steeply sloping theatre design with sound-friendly carpet and football-terrace-like handrails so you can stand (the only way to truly experience rock music) but not uncomfortably or asphixiatingly so. It’s comfortable, loud and you can see from every vantage point, unless you are as tall as Kylie Minogue. How many rock venues truly achieve this balance of luxury and loucheness?

By Damian Cowell

Rock Tour Bus pt. 1

Sydney by Rock Tour Bus

Part 1

Hello. When I’m not trying to contribute something worthwhile to society, I pretend to be a singer in a band. This I have done for 20 or so years, even at one stage brushing the national consciousness like an accidental groper on the peak hour train. In my long flirtation with the outer end of showbiz I have met some very interesting people, and of course, some dullards and popinjays of the worst kind. One of the least preening and consequently most worthwhile is a chap called Colin, who runs Colin has driven me a number of times on my travels – or perhaps that’s travails – to the rock monuments of Sydney, and always with a cheerful and intelligent anecdote. When I think about travel in Sydney, my mind always returns to the view from Colin’s charter bus window. After all, it’s the only way I remember the place, a particularly jaundiced, tunnel-visioned view of the city, but I guess it makes a change from Getaway.

So here it is: Sydney through the windows of the rock tour bus. I apologise in advance for penning the least revelatory or even accurate portrayal of this huge and complex city. I will not get to the heart of Sydney’s shifting personality. I will not explore the cultural nuances that separate Sydney and Melbourne – or the fact that there are none. I will not bring you the characters of the street, as in a Don Walker or Tim Freedman lyric, or paint a portrait as vivid and challenging as Whiteley in his Yellow House years.

Nope. Apart from a couple of childhood holidays in the North Ryde Caravan Park, I have seen a very small part of Sydney many many times. The same handful of roads. The same Sydney tour bus windows. The same destinations. I’m like the businessman who tours the world and has only ever seen conference rooms and virtual whiteboards. My seminars, however, were always in stinkypoo rock venues. Same rigid set of rules. Different dress code.

There is a slightly flat feeling that sets in when you finally go to Greenwich Village in New York, and instead of being infused with the spirit of the young Robert Zimmerman or James Marshall Hendrix, you just feel like you’re in Fitzroy or Darlinghurst. So it is with rock venues: despite all the mythologizing, CBGBs isn’t all that different to the Annandale Hotel. But that’s OK. I make that point because you don’t have to travel overseas for some true rock architecture. Next time your tour bus takes you west of Sydney along the Parramatta Road, past this history-soaked venue, you should doff your hat and pay some respect, if only for the long, winding list of musical ghosts haunting its suitably dark interiors. Even though the owner, on the hotel website, says “Our gaol was to support Australia’s emerging talent” I think he’s referring to the artistic goal, not the confined spaces.

There’s another way in which the Annandale is similar to CBGBs – it’s an endangered species. The New York club, famous for launching the careers of Blondie, the Ramones, Patti Smith, Television, et al, closed its doors in 2006 after a dispute with the Bowery Residents’ Committee. This is the spectre on the shoulder of all inner city rock venues – the emergence of the city-dwelling groover who likes these suburbs because of their ‘character’, then wants to remove said ‘character’ when it interrupts their sleep. Judging by the desperate pleas on the website for punters to behave responsibly upon leaving the premises etc etc, the Annandale’s hold on existence is a tenuous one. Better tell your tour bus driver to hit the Parramatta Road while you still can.

By Damian Cowell


shopping tours

Sydney Shopping

Sydney Shopping

sydney shopping
Sydney has some of the finest shopping precincts in Australia which are all within a few kilometres of each other from local designers to high end fashion houses and boutiques.

Sydney CBD provides all high-end fashion designers, labels in the heart of the city from Pitt St Mall and Castlereagh Street to the architectural beauty of the Queen Victoria Building (QVB) right through to Sydney Markets in Haymarket for a bargain.

Oxford Street offers many high end brands as well as independent labels and turn down many of Oxford Streets’ side streets will allow you to experience some true local fashion houses as well as classic pubs and seriously fantastic cafés and coffee houses. With weekend markets at the local public school offering local arts and crafts and a bargain for all the family.

The Rocks, Sydney’s and Australia’s first area of colonisation provides many high end retailers as well as tourist / souvenir stores as well as weekend markets on the sectioned off closed area of George St makes this an attractive shopping precinct and a great place for a meal.

Newtown, shopping on King Street has a cosmopolitan and bohemian vibe in the air with Sydney’s highest population of second-hand stores and book shops, as well as offering boutique stores, a pub on every corner, live music, café’s and a restaurant or food shop nearly every second or third business on King St.

Heading out of town and just across the ANZAC Bridge we head into Balmain which boasts the best pubs, boutiques, cafes and bookshops in Sydney located along Darling Street which has some amazing architecture and is rich in atmosphere and culture.

While there are many more shopping precincts such as Surry Hills, Glebe & Mosman to name a few, we will endeavour to provide more information on Sydney shopping in the near future.

Wherever you are in Sydney, there’s a shopping precinct near you.
Please contact us for super deals on Sydney Shopping Tours and information.
For factory outlets and warehouses please check back on this news page for more information.

Bledisloe Cup 2017 Private Group Sydney Bus Hire

Bledisloe Cup in Sydney 2017

Bledisloe Cup Buses Sydney

ANZ Stadium, Saturday, 19th August 2017

Game 1

The ultimate trans-Tasman battle of rugby kicks off in Sydney for the only Bledisloe Cup 2017 match played in Australia between the Wallabies and the All Blacks so don’t miss this, it’s going to be huge.

Sydney home turf will see kickoff at ANZ Stadium, Sydney Olympic Park with the Wallabies looking for revenge for the consecutive Bledisloe Cup trophy and All Blacks championship titles since 2003.

With the Bledisloe Cup returning to three matches, the Wallabies have the home turf advantage with two of the three matches played in Australia. Will this home game advantage be enough to break the Bledisloe Cup drought that has been denied to the Wallabies

Show your support for the green and gold.

Sydney Charter Bus is taking minibus and coach bookings well in advance so don’t miss out this year. Each year, sporting groups, families, corporate and social group wait until the final weeks to secure a bus for the games but with bookings secured months in advance it’s hard to say sorry we can’t provide the service. Don’t miss it in 2017. All Bledisloe Cup Buses Sydney region to be pre-booked or reserved and bus parking secured to ensure an exciting and action filled night out supporting the Wallabies.

All transport services are private so no group mixing. All buses to use pre-booked bus and coach parking spaces (the earlier booked the better the spot).

Get your private bus hire for corporate, social groups or just friends and family. Sydney Charter Bus is Sydney’s premier transport bus company for all sporting events.

See out fleet page for a selection of private minibuses and coaches for 2017 Bledisloe Cup Buses Sydney.


Bledisloe Cup Buses Sydney

Bledisloe Cup Sydney 2017 – Match 1

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