Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach Sydney

Bondi Beach

One of Australia’s most famous beaches known internationally. Located only 15 minutes drive from the heart of Sydney’s CBD at roughly 14 kms

Take a walk along main street of Bondi, touch the sand on Bondi Beach, take a panoramic photo from the headland overlooking the beach or stop for lunch at the abundant food outlets located in walking distance from the white sands of Bondi Beach.

Bondi Beach is about one kilometre in length, its name comes from the Aboriginal word ‘boondi’ which means ‘spear tip.’

Some have speculated that it means ‘sound of the waves breaking over the rocks’ or ‘place of nulla nulla fighting’ but Bondi was an Aboriginal spear making site and engravings (now vanished) showed the marks of frequent spear sharpening grooves.

When first found by the early colonials, it was said to be not much more than huge sand dunes and even by 1830 it was still considered too far from the CBD

The beach faces south east, the main street that runs along the beach is Campbell Parade that is lined with cafes and hotels. Hall St is the main shopping street and backpacker hangout.

Bondi Beach is the end point of the City to Surf Fun Run which is held each year in August. The race attracts over 60,000 entrants who complete the 14km run from Sydney’s CBD.

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