Canberra Tours


Canberra Tours

Q. Do you run a regular Canberra Tour service departing daily?
A. No, we only operate as booked.

Q. Can we join a group or do a pay per person booking?
A. No, we are an accredited private group operator which means we only take group bookings.

Q. Can you do a private tour for 2 passengers?
A. Yes we can, however the price is based on the vehicle which would be a 7 seater and not per person so the tour price is the same should have 2 or 7 passengers.

Q. What can we see on your Canberra tour?
A. We can see any of the locations listed on the tour page plus others.

Q. How long do we need on a Canberra tour?
A. Canberra tours require 12hrs.

Q. What is the travelling time to Canberra?
A. 4hrs each way which includes a compulsory stop over at Marulan both ways.

Q. We’ve heard that it takes 3hrs from Sydney to Canberra. Why do you take 4hrs?
A. Being an accredited operator means all our vehicle regardless of size can only travel at 100kph even though the freeway is 110kph. Over long distance this adds time plus 20-30 minutes stopover at Marulan makes it a 4hr journey each way.

Q. Can we pick our own Canberra sights to see?
A. Yes, all tours are flexible and the itinerary can be anything you like?

Q. Can the itinerary be changed on the day?
A. Yes, no problems.

Q. Are there any entry fees associated with Canberra tours?
A. No, all attractions listed on our tour are fee entry.

Q. What other costs are there on Canberra tours?
A. Only lunch expenses.

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