General FAQs


General FAQs

General Frequently Asked Questions

Q –   Can we hire buses without a driver and drive ourselves?
A –  No. We only provide transport services with a driver.

Q – Can we drink alcohol on the bus?
A – No. We do not allow alcohol consumption in our vehicles at any time.

Q – Can we eat on the bus?
A – No. We do not allow food consumption in our vehicles.

Q – Can we extend our service if needed?
A – Yes. All services may be extended providing the vehicle does not have a job pending.

Q – Is it possible for the bus to do a few unscheduled stops on the way?
A – Yes. All detours and extra stops are permitted at the expense of the hirer. All extra pickup or drop offs not previously arranged will be charged according to time and kilometres travelled.

Toilet stops are not considered unscheduled stops.

Q – Are you allowed to have standing passengers if the seats are full?
A – No. All passengers must be seated. It is against the law to carry more passengers than the vehicle is licensed to.

Q – Can we bring our own CD or MP3 player to play on our journey?
A – Yes. Some of our buses have connections for MP3 players and play MP3 CD’s. Please check when booking.

Q – Can we bring extra passengers on the day / night than arranged?
A – Yes, as long as there are seats available and as longs as you let us know prior.

Q – Do your buses have seat belts?
A – Yes & No. Some of our minibuses do have seat belts in all seats and some only in the required seats. All our coaches have seat belts in all seats. Please request when making a booking.

Q – Do you provide after midnight bus services?
A – No. However weddings are the exception.

Q. What is the NSW law regarding baby seats in buses?
A. Buses (more than 12 seats)

A driver of a bus, that is designed to seat over 12 adults (including the driver), is not required to ensure passengers, including those under 16 years of age are in a restraint. It is recommended that where a restraint is available, it should be worn.
Small Buses (9 to 12 seats)

A driver of a small bus (between 9 to 12 seats including the driver) providing a public passenger service under the Passenger Transport Act 1990 must ensure that:

All passengers younger than 12 months are secured in a child restraint.
All passengers aged over 12 months and under 16 years:
occupy a seating position that is fitted with a suitable seatbelt, and
not occupy the same seating position as another passenger, and
wear the seatbelt properly adjusted and fastened.

No passenger under 4 years old is in the front seat and a child 4 years or older but under 7 years may only sit in the front row if all of the other seats in the row or rows behind the front row are occupied by passengers who are also under 7 years old.

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