Sydney Airport FAQs


Sydney Airport FAQs

Frequently Asked Questions

Sydney Airport

Q. Where is there a good meeting point at T1?

A. There is an official meeting point between arrival exists gates A and B of the international terminal.
Most people use the McDonald’s located at the northern end of the terminal on arrivals (ground floor) level.

If no meet and greet has been arranged and you are planning to make your own way to the bus then please see HERE

Q. Where do we meet the bus at the international or domestic terminals?


  • International T1 > HERE
  • Domestic T2 > HERE
  • Domestic T3 > HERE
Q. Do you offer a Meet & Greet service?

A. No, Sydney Airport no longer allows charter bus companies to provide a meet & greet service for groups. See here >> Meet & Greet <<

Q. Is there a currency exchange at T1?

A. Yes, Currency Exchanges are located at the arrivals exits in clear view as you join the general public.

Q. What if we don’t have mobile/cell phones to make a call to the driver or guide?

A. Public phones are located at the exit gates at arrivals.

*Please Note* When arriving international, the cell / mobile phone starts with 04.

If you are calling using international codes then the zero (0) is omitted.

So our mobile number is 0413 182 999.

E.g. 0011 61 413 182 999 or +61 413 182 999

Q. What do we do if we have excess luggage that we didn’t tell you about?

A. This is a requirement we must know about at the time of booking so on the day if it fits, no problems.

If the undisclosed (to us) excess baggage or oversize luggage doesn’t fit then it will have to go in a taxi at your own expense or a second vehicle or luggage truck at your own expense.

Our vehicles are equipped with luggage storage based on 1 large suitcase and 1 carry-on. Additional baggage (except laptops or other small carry-on’s) is considered excess baggage and we need to know about it and how many per person.

Q. Can we store excess baggage in the aisle of the bus?

A. No, the aisle of all public passenger vehicle must be kept cleared in case of emergencies.
Luggage and bags cannot be stacked up over seats (unless secured) as it may become a projectile in an emergency brake procedure. This is Australian law.

Q. What are the capacities of luggage storage on the buses?

A. The minibuses bring luggage trailers which can hold 20 large suitcases.
The coaches store as per vehicle size. A 34 seater coach holds 34 large suitcases. A 42 seater holds 42 large suitcases etc.

If you have more than 1 large suitcase and 1 carry-on then we need to know.

Q. What if our group of 30+ passengers all have 2 large suitcases plus cabin bags?

A. You will need to charter a larger vehicle or another coach to accommodate the bags we bring a luggage truck (at additional expense).

Please do not assume that your excess bags will fit. We cannot stress how important this is.

Excess luggage is an extremely important factor we need to know about at the time of booking.
To avoid any dramas on the day with luggage that doesn’t fit due to excess.
If you don’t let us know then we cannot be responsible for time loss & additional costs you may incur for taxis or a second vehicle.
We cannot always bring a second vehicle or luggage truck on the day if it’s not pre-booked so please declare all excess baggage at the time of booking or if you have already made a booking then we need to know now if we need to upgrade your vehicle, bring a luggage truck or second bus.

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