The Gap

The Gap & Gap Park

South Head Sydney

Famous not so much for its natural scenic beauty overlooking the entrance to Port Jackson and North Head, but for more macabre reasons.

20-30 people die each year by both slipping and falling or by leaping from The Gap on to the rocks below. The numbers of deaths are decreasing dramatically year by year as CCTV has been installed to monitor the activity and help line phones are also available at The Gap.

It’s where the remains from an old gun emplacement can still be seen. Big guns were placed on the headlands to keep out invaders during WWII. The threat of invasion was taken seriously and gun emplacements are dotted throughout Port Jackson.

South Head, part of Sydney Harbour National Park, to the north of the suburb of Watsons Bay.

The view from South head is beautiful. You can see the entrance to the harbour, North and Middle Heads and the main harbour channel leading up towards the city centre.

The Gap Sydney

Heading up to South Head and The Gap you pass Australia’s first lighthouse and the lightkeepers cottages and several gun emplacements form the late 1800’s.

The original structure was erected in 1791 and was designed by Francis Greenway, the famous convict architect, but a new lighthouse was erected in 1881 after the original succumbed to the elements. The new lighthouse is a replica of Greenway’s design and was fully automated in 1976 and the keepers were eventually withdrawn by 1989.

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