Booking Process

Booking Process

Bus Booking Process


1. Obtain a quote from our Quote page

Online Booking

2. We will send you the appropriate booking link via email that matches your service.


3. We will confirm the booking via email with tax invoice attached and if possible include the drivers' details.


4. Payment is made at least 7 days prior via credit card (online / phone) or bank transfer (EFT).

Bus Arrives

5. Your bus arrives at the time and date you have booked to begin your service.

Further Details

1. All quotes should be via email as it puts the costs in writing and keeps a paper trail of conversation, especially if your booking is a while away.
2. All bookings are to be made via our Booking Hub as this will generate a Booking ID which can be used to identify your booking should you wish to discuss or make changes.
3. Once the booking has been received, we will check the details and email you a confirmation with a tax invoice attached. We also will include the drivers contact details if we can allocate a driver at that time.
4. All payments are made prior to your service usually at least 7 days prior. However, if your booking was placed within this 7-day window we will require payment prior to service. Credit card payments are made via our website (Visa, Mastercard, AMEX and Diners) or by phone and we will email you the bank receipt of payment. Payment can also be made by bank transfer (EFT) or direct deposit. Sorry, we do not accept cash on the day or cheques.
5. Your bus will arrive at least 5 minutes prior to your booked time. If there is no parking the driver will call the allocated contact person to discuss pickup options.
Booking FAQs

What happens if my location has no access for the bus or there is no parking?

In a prearranged agreement, the driver will wait as close as possible to the pickup area.
All passengers to gather in one location and when all together and ready to go they can call the driver (we provide contact details) who will then proceed to the pickup area, load and leave.
This only works if everyone is actually ready, not calling the driver when someone maybe in on their way or in the bathroom or almost ready.
In situations like this we will have to double park to load so we need the minimum waiting time and disruption to traffic.

What other costs can we expect on the day?

There should be no additional costs on the day as everything is prepaid.
However, if you wish to the driver to do an additional pickup or drop off then this may incur an additional charge.
You may want to driver to take a different route which uses a toll road and this is an additional cost.
You may wish to stay longer at your destination and this becomes overtime and is time-based charged per 15 minute blocks.
On a charter or tour, you may want to visit a location not on your itinerary that may have a paid parking charge (e.g. Sydney Fish Markets).