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Northern Beaches Tours

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Northern Beaches Tours

Sydney’s Northern Beaches stretch from the suburbs of Manly to Palm Beach on a stretch of land called a peninsula housing 52 suburbs and 23 beaches with many listed in the top 10 beaches in Sydney. It is Sydney’s best kept tourist secret with many touring locations that are not listed on many touring guides itineraries.

Manly is the main tourist hub being the gateway to the Northern Beaches and consisting of an ocean beach, a harbour surfing beach and Shelly Beach which is the only western facing ocean beach on the entire east coast of Australia and situated in the protected marine aquatic reserve. Once being an isthmus makes Manly a unique and special place not only to locals but to the original inhabitants after which the suburb got its name as the local tribe were the most manly looking natives that the first settlers had observed.

Captain Arthur Phillip in 1788 who named Manly Cove after the Aboriginal people – “….their confidence and manly behaviour made me give the name of Manly Cove to this place.”

While a tour group can spend most of the day in and around Manly with various lookouts, beaches, shops, walks and historic sites there are many more amazing sites to see all the way up to Palm Beach and Kuring-Gai National Park.

Main Attractions

The main attractions for a day tours is West Head and Manly.

Travel Time

Travel time to Manly from Sydney CBD is 45 minutes.
Travel time to West Head is 1hr from Sydney CBD.

Safety & Comfort

All our coaches & minibus are seat belt equipped and have air-conditioning for your comfort and safety

Half & Full Day Tours

Half day is Manly and surrounds.
Full day includes West Head.

What to Wear

As some elements of this tour have some walking.....comfortable enclosed shoes are recommended.

Our Touring Buses

All our coaches & minibus are CBUS (Charter Bus) registered & NSW Government Accredited (Acc: 35281) for Bus Lane usage
Day Tour

Northern Beaches

  • Manly
  • North Head
  • Dobroyd Head
  • West Head
  • Aboriginal Rock Engravings
  • Walking Tracks
  • Balmoral Beach
  • Additional Costs **
  • Lunch **
  • Professional Tour Guide **
  • National Park Entry Fee **

Original Inhabitants

The Northern Beaches original inhabitants were Gamaragal, Garigal and Kuringal clans which have lived in the area for over 6,000 years.
There are over 300 remaining aboriginal sites which include shell middens, rock carvings, camp sites, rock shelters and rock art.


Q. Can we take a swim during this tour?
A. Yes, make sure you bring a towel

Q. What are the options for lunch?
A. While there are many options the most popular is fish & chips on the beach

Q. Is this tour suitable for elderly and less mobile groups?
A. We create an itinerary according to the group’s mobility and age demographics

Q. Can we see locations not listed on your website?
A. Yes, all itineraries are bespoke and made to your preferences.

Q. Why do we need enclosed shoes?
A. Depending on the final itinerary but some elements contain a small walking trail especially if we go to West Head. If we stay around Manly and surrounds then not required.

Additional Services
  • Restaurant Bookings
  • Professional Tour Guides
  • Itinerary Planning

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All our coaches & minibus are CBUS (Charter Bus) registered & NSW Government Accredited (Acc: 35281) for Bus Lane usage and Bus Only entry and exits.

Additional Services
  • Restaurant Bookings
  • Professional Tour Guides
  • Itinerary Planning

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