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Sydney Shopping Tours

Factory Outlet Shopping Tours

Sydney Shopping Tours

Sydney Charter Bus Australia offers Sydney shopping tours at the famous and popular DFO (Direct Factory Outlet) and other popular destinations. Minibuses are a fantastic way to travel for groups on a Sydney Shopping Tour.
Forget about the stress of parking at major shopping centres. Be dropped off and picked up right at the front entrance. With ample space within the minibus there’s room for all your bags and boxes.
The minibus will be ready to receive your items during the shopping so you don’t have to carry around your purchases. We can bring our clean, rainproof & secure luggage trailers to ensure those larger items so not to be inconvenienced by goods within the vehicle.
All our shopping tours are private charters which means we only cater to your group, we don’t mix you with other groups.
All our shopping tours are based on your itinerary and the driver is “as directed” on the day.
As most shopping tours visit many Sydney locations, our costing is based on start time to finish time and we can pick you and your group up at the location of your choice and if the itinerary changes on the day then that is ok too.
All costs are based on the vehicle size and not per person so the cost of a 21 seater minibus is the same cost if you put 13 or 20 passengers in the bus.

Minimum Time

Sydney Charter Bus requires a minimum shopping tour time of 4hrs.
Please keep in mind travel times and Sydney traffic conditions between locations when planning your shopping tour.
Half Day and Full Day Shopping Tours in Sydney available.

Vehicles for Shopping

1-12 passengers (12 seater mini-bus)
13-20 passengers (20 seater minibus)
21-24 passengers (24 seater mini-coach)
25-48 passengers (48 seater coach)
34-52 passengers (52 seater coach)
34-57 passengers (57 seater coach)
34-60 passengers (60 seater coach)

Outlets & Warehouses

Private Vehicle
As Directed Services
Professional Driver
Your Itinerary
Full Day Services
Half Day Services

Our Shopping Buses

All our coaches & minibus are CBUS (Charter Bus) registered & NSW Government Accredited (Acc: 35281) for Bus Lane usage
Shopping Tours


  • Christmas Outlets
  • Fashion Boutiques
  • Designer Boutiques
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Footwear
  • Handbags / Luggage
  • Sporting Goods / Apparel
  • Jewellery / Accessories
  • Lingerie / Sleepwear
  • Homewares / Furniture
  • Manchester
  • Speciality Stores

Costs Inclusive

* All costs include fuel, insurance, mileage & authorised driver.
* All coaches have under storage for large luggage.
* All coaches have overhead parcel racks for small bags.
* All minibuses can bring a luggage trailer.

Keep in Mind

Things to remember when booking your Shopping Tour: When choosing your locations please make sure the location has access and turning areas if booking a coach.
If requesting a minibus with a luggage trailer and you plan to stow your goods in the trailer please make sure your goods you buy are not perishable or fragile as the trailer is a secure box trailer that can get hot and things can move around inside the trailer.

7 Days a Week

We operate shopping tours all year round, 7 days a week.
If the factory outlets and warehouses are open, we operate.

Safety & Comfort

All our coaches & minibus are seat belt equipped and have air-conditioning for your comfort and safety
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Sydney Charter Bus

All our coaches & minibus are CBUS (Charter Bus) registered & NSW Government Accredited (Acc: 35281) for Bus Lane usage and Bus Only entry and exits.

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