Bus Driver Positions

Bus Driver Positions


Sydney Bus Driver Positions

Sydney Charter Bus is always on the lookout for motivated drivers for positions within the company.

There are some minimum requirements that drivers must have & produce before we can even consider driving positions.
All potential applicants must have experience in charter bus work and be familiar with group pickup locations at major tourist sights, Sydney Airport and transport hubs.

A basic knowledge of Sydney roads is required and a good command of English and must be able to drive manual transmission.

Required Knowledge

Sydney Airport T1, T2 & T3 Terminals
Tourist Areas (Blue Mtns, Hunter Valley etc)
Sydney CBD Hotels & pickup areas
Experience with luggage trailers

Please scan and email the required documents and information to: [email protected]

  • Driver’s licence (front and back)
  • Driver Authority card
  • RTA Driver Record printout (within 6 months)
  • CV or Resume
  • References
  • ABN


Sydney Charter Bus is currently recruiting motivated minibus drivers as subcontractors for casual weekday & weekend work.

Minimum Requirements

  • LR License
  • NSW Driver Authority
  • RTA Printout (current)
  • References
  • CV or Resume
  • ABN
  • Drive Manual Transmission


Q. What is a Driver Authority card?
A. A Driver Authority is a license to carry passengers in a public passenger vehicle seating over 12 seats.

Q. What is the process to obtain one?
A. Contact RMS and they will assist you with the process. Mouseover image below for more information

Bus Driver Authority

Driver Authority

NSW Bus Driver Authorities are obtained through

Roads and Maritime Enrolment Services:

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