Sydney Domestic Airport T3 Arrival Instructions

Sydney Domestic T3 Arrivals

Terminal 3 Pickup Location

You would have received a driver name and contact number by Sydney Charter Bus by email or phone prior to arriving at Sydney Domestic Airport.
The minibus or coach will be waiting at the minibus and coach holding area located near the long term car park close to the Domestic Terminals, about 10 minutes from the collection point.
When the driver receives the call he/she will go to the pickup area.
If no driver phone number has been allocated please call the office mobile on 0413-182-999.
During AM & PM peak hour services, the travel time for the bus from the holding area to the pickup zone will be longer

Only when everybody has collected their luggage and is ready to go, you should call the driver and proceed to the Bus & Coach pickup area.

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Sydney Domestic T3 Arrivals


T3 pickup area (for minibuses only) is now at the same location T2 pickup area which is called “The Horseshoe” area (in yellow on our Google Map)
Make your way through the exit at baggage carousel 1 and once outside head left and follow the footpath around until you see the “Group Buses” sign.
Once in the pickup area you will see the coach bays.

Make your way through the exit and once outside turn RIGHT and follow the footpath around until you see all the minibuses and limos.
Don’t forget to call the driver and confirm his/her location and pickup area.

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exit at Baggage Carousel 1
Sydney Domestic Airport Transfers
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