24 Seater Minibus Hire with Drivers

24 Seater Mini-Coach with Driver

Mitsubishi Rosa

The Rosa is the largest of the minibus range seating 23 passengers in back and 1 passenger in the front. The Rosa is the people mover of the minibus range and has come to be classed as a mini coach which has some plus and negative attributes for its class. The plus side is that you can carry 4 extra passengers than the Toyota Coaster however at relatively the same size as the Toyota Coaster; the Rosa sacrifices leg space, seat space and aisle width the accommodate the extra seats which is fine for the average person but no so if you are of larger stature. The seats are high backed (coach seats) so visibility is at a minimum (like on an aeroplane) where you can see only to your left and right so it’s not so good for a social bus or touring . Great for a people mover.

Mini-Coach Charter Sydney
24 Seater

Minimum specifications:

  • Seat Belts ✅
  • Cloth Seats ✅
  • Air-Conditioning ✅
  • PA System ✅
  • Window Tint ✅
  • CD/Radio ✅
  • Luggage Trailers ✅
  • Use Bus Lanes ✅
  • Child Booster Seats ✅
  • Accredited Vehicle ✅
  • Comes with a Driver ✅
  • Fully Insured ✅
  • Sat Nav ✅

Q. Can we drive the mini-coach ourselves?
A. No, we don’t offer any self-drive services, dry-hire or rental

Q. Can we have standing passengers on the mini-coaches?
A. No, all passengers must be seated.

Q. Can we eat & drink in the mini-coach?
A. Sorry, there is no food or drink allowed on any minibus. Bottled water is allowed.

Q. Can we consume alcohol in the Rosa?

A. No, there is no alcohol allowed opened or unopened at any time.

Q. How many passengers does this bus seat?
A. 24 seating passengers + 1 driver

7.8 metres
2.8 metres
2.1 metres