Lost Property

Lost Property

Sydney Charter Bus Australia keeps a concise lost property register for lost & found items on the buses.
If you have lost an item on the bus you should contact us immediately and provide as much information as possible.
As we have a large fleet, we simply cannot go on a passenger calling in and saying “I left my phone on one of your buses.”
We need the booking reference number or invoice number so we know exactly what service and which vehicle and which driver was operating at that time.
If you do not know the booking reference number then you should consult with the person whom actually booked the bus as they would have received the booking reference & invoice numbers.
We hold all items found on the buses in safe storage and we try to contact the hirer at the time when the driver hands in an item to provide a swift return back to its owner.
All drivers make a visual check of the bus after all passengers have alighted.
If an item is hidden in such a place out of view or masked by left rubbish for a driver visual check then it is possible (unfortunately) that a passenger on the next service may not hand it in if found.
This situation is out of our control and we keep a record of all items reported missing if it should show up.

It is general practice that the hirer to also check the bus or allocate a person or last person off the bus to do a check as well.
In some cases a large group may not know every person on the bus and one of the group finds an item, picks it up to give to the person that hired the bus and the person whom has lost the item rings the company asking if the driver found it.
It is best to check all avenues as to what happened to the lost item including asking the hirer to check with the group to see if anyone picked it up.

All unclaimed items will be held in our lost property locker for a maximum of three (3) months after which all unclaimed items will be donated to charity.

Sydney Charter Bus Australia is not responsible for any item left on buses. It is the hirer’s responsibility to check or have someone check the bus prior to disembarking on all services even if you are getting back on the bus after a few hours as we may do another job in-between.

To claim lost property:

  • Please contact us via email
  • Please provide an exact description of the item lost
  • Please provide your seating position on the bus (a rough estimate is ok e.g. driver side front middle section)
  • Please provide brand name of items that could be confusing with other items e.g. Sunglasses
Lost Property