Bus Hire Prices

Bus Hire Prices

Bus Charter Rates

Bus Hire Prices

Sydney Charter Bus provides a cost effective solution to all your ground transportation requirements. Our bus hire prices and rates differ for each job according to many factors that are too many to list. Our quote system is set up to provide a price based on the information provided which makes it important that all relevant information should be mentioned in any conversation or email requiring a price.

All Sydney bus companies’ prices are based on depot to depot so travel time to the job, providing the service then getting back to the depot is the complete service. As Sydney continues to grow and infrastructure fails, small transfers can take a lot longer than anticipated and allowing the travel time to and from the depot which we have to allow an hour each way because of Sydney traffic makes a city to city transfer a 3 hour job for most companies. Obviously the further we have to travel to your pickup and final drop location makes it a greater cost compared to a local service.

Travel during peak hour times once again makes it a longer service. With small city to Sydney Airport can be 60-90 minutes and if there’s an issue on an arterial road like the M5, M4, M2 can have an effect on traffic everywhere very quickly and these incidents are a common occurrence in Sydney.

Things that affect prices include peak hour pickups and drop offs, events where congestion is inevitable at the location, additional pickups and drop offs, Christmas season (basically all Thursdays and Fridays in December prior to Christmas are the busiest days of the year), public holidays, late night pickups and of course the bus size required.

An 8 hour service around Sydney metro is going to be cheaper than 8 hours going to the Blue Mountains.
A transfer from the city to Parramatta is going to be cheaper at 1pm than 11:30pm as after midnight finishes are in overtime rates.
Every minibus or coach service provided is different so bus hire prices cannot be displayed on the website.
To receive an accurate quote we need as much information as possible about the service you require, the more information the better.
Final details such as parking and pickup instructions can be worked out at the time of booking. Please email us for bus hire prices in Sydney with drivers.

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What we need to know:

Pickup Date: Thursday, 21st March 2019
Pickup Time: 11 AM
Pickup Location/s: 33 Sample Street, Sampleville
Drop off Location/s: 86 Example Ave, Exampletown
Return Pickup Date: Friday, 29th March 2019
Return Pickup Time: 2 PM
Return to: Sydney International Airport
Number of Passengers: 42
Additional information: We all have 1 suitcase and hand luggage each


Q. What things can affect my quote?
A. There are many factors can affect your quote…..change of time, date, location etc.

Q. Can I get a phone quote?
A. Yes, if the itinerary is not too complex.

Q. Should I be getting an email quote?
A. Yes, this gets your quote in writing and keeps a paper trail of conversation.

Q. Are your prices per person based?
A. No, prices are based on the vehicle size so a 20 seater minibus will be the same cost should you put 10 or 20 passengers in it.