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Wedding Bus Hire

Wedding Bus Hire Sydney

Pre-Wedding & Planning


Offering transport for your wedding guests is not only a generous gesture but also sometimes necessary. Some wedding locations in Sydney like Berowra Waters or Bradleys Head Amphitheatre are only accessible by smaller minibuses like the 12 seater due to road width, tight turns and parking restrictions at the venue.
Other non-restrictive venues: a large luxury coach or two maybe suitable to transport guests in one run.
A lot of wedding ceremony locations such as churches and synagogues are located in busy suburbs and don’t have parking in surrounding streets so the need for a coach or minibus is the solution.

The Journey

Depending on your passenger numbers you may require a small 12 or 20 seater minibus doing a shuttle bus service with multiple trips if it’s a short distance. You may require 2 or more 20 seaters as vehicle size access maybe restricted or you may require 2 or more luxury coaches to move 100 or more passengers or even a mixture of large and small buses. Call or email us for suggestions or help in planning your next wedding bus hire in Sydney.
Wedding Buses

Coaches & Minibuses

  • Seat Belts ✅
  • Air-Conditioning ✅
  • Child Booster Seats ✅
  • Window Tint ✅
  • AM/FM Radio ✅
  • Bus Lane Permitted ✅
  • Wheelchair Access ❌
  • Onboard Toilet ❌
  • Fixed Child Seats ❌

Enquiries & Quotes

A lot of weddings are planned well in advance and securing your minibus or coach is an important step. Peak season for weddings is from September onwards through the warmer months. December is a busy time for all bus companies with staff parties happening (mostly) on the Thursdays and Fridays prior to Christmas and these days are booked out months in advance.
When asking for a quote for your wedding shuttle bus hire Sydney, please make sure you have all relevant information, a rough itinerary outlining your plans, times, and locations. The more information the better. Get your quote in writing, email to us your itinerary and we’ll send you an email quote.

Booking your Bus

After placing your wedding bus hire with us, please let us know as much information as possible with regards to the venue and reception locations. The more details the better. This is a special day and everything has to be perfect. We can only go by the instructions you give to us. If you have a wedding planner then please send them to this page to review or contact us for your upcoming wedding shuttle bus hire Sydney.

Prior to Booking your Bus:

You will need to do some research at the locations you have in mind for your wedding ceremony and/or reception.

  1. Is the access road wide enough for a minibus or coach to enter the grounds?
  2. Does the road have overhanging branches that may prevent a coach from accessing (see our fleet page for vehicle heights and specs)?
  3. Is there an area for the bus to safely manoeuvre and turn around?
  4. Does the road have a tonne tare limit (vehicle weight restrictions)?
  5. Does the road have any restrictions?
  6. Are there any hairpin bends in the road?
  7. Will the venue, church or synagogue allow a bus to be parked on its grounds?
  8. Is the road unsealed, gravel or a dirt road?
  9. Are there No Stopping Zones where you plan to pick up and drop off?
  10. The access road maybe quiet and empty on the day you check but consider cars parking along the road and will that affect the bus access?

If you are overseas, interstate or too far away to check the above while you are planning your wedding, ask a friend, use satellite images, call the venue or get as much information off the internet as possible as the last thing you want to happen is having a bus load of wedding guests unable to get to the location because of a road restriction.