20 Seater Minibus Hire with Drivers

20 Seater Minibus with Driver

Toyota Coaster

The Coaster is the most reliable minibus on the market with its solid built engine these vehicles last a lifetime.

The Coaster is the social minibus of its class and with ample seating, leg and aisle space it’s sure to accommodate the larger folk.

The Toyota Coaster has low backed seats meaning that the group can all see each other which makes it “the social bus” in the minibus market which is perfect for touring, site inspections, social outings, corporate events, wine tours, sporting and concerts and general charters.

Available with luggage trailers, the Coaster is the minibus of choice for tours and charter bus services.

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20 Seater

Minimum specifications:

  • Seat Belts ✅
  • Cloth Seats ✅
  • Air-Conditioning ✅
  • PA System ✅
  • Window Tint ✅
  • CD/Radio ✅
  • Luggage Trailers ✅
  • Use Bus Lanes ✅
  • Child Booster Seats ✅
  • Accredited Vehicle ✅
  • Comes with a Driver ✅
  • Fully Insured ✅
  • Sat Nav ✅

Q. Can we drive the minibus ourselves?
A. No, we don’t offer any self-drive services or rentals.

Q. Can we have standing passengers on the minibuses?
A. No, all passengers must be seated.

Q. Can we eat & drink in the minibus?
A. Sorry, there is no food or drink allowed on any minibus. Bottled water is allowed.

Q. Can we consume alcohol in the Coaster?

A. No, there is no alcohol allowed opened or unopened at any time.

Q. How many passengers does it seat?
A. 20 seating passengers + 1 driver

6.9 metres
2.6 metres
2.0 metres