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Sydney Charter Bus provides the safest and finest transport for children’s birthday parties.
The kids absolutely love riding on the bus to parties and birthday excursions.
Passing around the microphone for jokes and stories is always a winner.
Parking can cause unnecessary stress and time delays when children’s parties are located at major shopping centres, party and play centres and theme parks.
When a child has a birthday party one of the most common causes of concern is the parking, especially during busy times of the year like in December when shopping centres are at capacity and you can spend a long time just trying to find parking and can miss some of the party.
Kids parties usually are around the lunch time part of the day so any play centre, shopping mall or function room parking facilities will be pretty much full so why have that stress of kids running late because the parents couldn’t find parking?!

Eliminate the stress and time delays with one phone call or email to Sydney Charter Bus and find out how we can help make the day easier on everyone.

Buses Available

12 seater minivan
20 seater minibus
24 seater mini-coach
25 seater midi-coach
34-65 seater luxury coaches
Kids Bus Hire Sydney
from $280

Kids Parties

  • Seat Belts ✅
  • A/C ✅
  • Friendly Driver ✅
  • Accredited Vehicle ✅
  • Bus Lane Use ✅
  • Booster Seats ✅
  • CD Player ✅
  • Tinted Windows ✅


Q. Do the buses have karaoke?
A. No, not at this time.
The kids can pass around the PA microphone for stories and jokes

Q. What is the cost of a kid’s party bus service?
A. There are many factors that affect the pricing such as the size of the bus, distance to travel etc.

Q. Do the buses have fixed child seats?
A. No, only booster seats available. Parents may have to supply some booster seats as well.

Q. Is this like a party bus service?
A. No, it’s really transport for kids to and from a party.

Q. Can we play games on the bus?
A. Depends on what you have in mind, as long as everyone remains seated then all good.

Parents comments

“The kids were more excited travelling on the bus together than the actual party centre.”

“Utilising a minibus for the party was a lifesaver. Parking was always going to be a problem with everyone driving but we didn’t have to worry about that.”

“It’s loud, it’s exciting, it’s a kids party on the bus.”

“Who’s idea was it to give the kids the microphone? LOL.”

“This was the best choice for our party at Daring Harbour, To be dropped and picked up right out the front was worth every penny.”

“Our party at Luna Park was always going to have issues with the parking but using a minibus was the best choice and the children loved travelling together.”