Bus Hire Prices: A Guide to Coach & Minibus Rates in Sydney

Bus Hire Sydney Prices and Rates with Driver

Bus Hire Prices Sydney

Bus hire prices Sydney; pricing has many factors to consider when requesting quotes for your next coach or minibus service. There is rarely one set rate for any charter and every possible variation would be too confusing on any bus company website. Some can offer a rough guide based on certain set factors like Sydney CBD location to Sydney Domestic Airport in various size minibuses and coaches but an airport transfer from Sydney on a Sunday morning compared to a 5pm Friday afternoon, the time difference is staggering and the cost difference quite diverse.

All bus companies in Sydney base costs on the vehicle size so when you are budgeting and planning your trip you should consider what size bus is suitable for your group. If you are having each passenger from your group pay then you would want to fill your bus as a 20 seater minibus is going to cost the same if you have 14 or 20 in the vehicle.

What additional costs can we expect?

If you have received a quote already then the cost would have been based on the information provided. If you change the pickup time, add more passengers that may require a vehicle upgrade, change the date, adding additional stops or pickups/drop offs on the way then these changes will affect the cost.

How are Bus Charter Services Priced?

Bus charter rates are priced on the length of time it takes to complete the service, distance to travel to complete the service.

If your group is travelling to an event in the morning and coming back that afternoon or evening in Sydney then this is considered a 2-way Transfer (there and back). With the large gap of time in between means the coach company can provide another transport service during the time you are away and you do not pay for this “gap” time.

If the group is on tour or conducting site inspections or just utilising the bus throughout the day or night then this is considered an hourly service and is charged per hour with the rate depending on the vehicle size.

Your group may head out of Sydney to a retreat or getaway and returning the next day or a few days later. This is still a 2-way Transfer for your group but it means the bus company has 2 empty trips so essentially becomes a 2-way Transfer twice with 4 trips to complete the service.

Another scenario is your group may be heading out of Sydney in the morning and coming back that afternoon or evening but depending on the distance we may not be able to do jobs in between so we have to stay around the area so it then becomes a full day, hourly service but the hourly rate is less per hour.

Bus Hire Prices Sydney
Bus Hire Prices Sydney

Seasonal Rates:

During the winter months, demand is lower so bus companies tend to drop rates to get the buses working as opposed to the warmer summer months when demand is high and suppliers are unable to meet the demand so the best deals to be made are booking 3 or more months in advance to take advantage of price and availability.

Other Costs:

When bus hire companies provide quotes they calculate distance, time and vehicle size and of course fuel consumption and wear and tear so at the time of booking there maybe additions such as road tolls and parking fees. These can be avoided by choosing a different route or parking location but avoiding the toll roads may add considerable time to the journey which would outweigh the cost of the toll road.

After Hours Costs:

Most coach hire companies have contracts with tour agents which means early starts for the drivers. In NSW under Driver Fatigue Laws a driver must have an 8hr rest period before resuming the following day. So with a 7am start, the driver must be clocked off the night before by 11pm. Although this does not mean 8hrs sleep, it is 8hr gap so any good bus charter company will widen the gap to 10hrs to allow some respite between jobs and a good night’s rest.

If a job has an 11pm return pickup time and takes 30 minutes to drop off and another 30 minutes back to the depot, check and sweep out the bus then he or she officially clocks off at 12:30am and is home by 1am. If they have a 7am start which means a 6am wake up this only leave 5hrs sleep which is not acceptable under NSW Driver Fatigue Laws. So this driver cannot do an early shift the next morning so prices for after midnight finishes for the driver rise. The driver also goes into loading rates so all late pickups from 10pm onwards will raise the cost to cover the driver double or triple time loading rate.

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