Jenolan Caves


Jenolan Caves

Q. Do you run a regular Jenolan Caves bus service departing daily?
A. No, we only operate as booked.

Q. Can we join a group or do a pay per person booking?
A. No, we are an accredited private group operator which means we only take group bookings.

Q. Can you do a private tour for 2 passengers?
A. Yes we can, however the price is based on the vehicle which in this case is a 7 seater and not per person so the tour price is the same should have 2 or 7 passengers.

Q. What else can we see on a Jenolan Caves tour?
A. On the way back to Sydney we can go via the Zig Zag Railway or visit some Blue Mountains sights.

Q. How long do we need on a Jenolan Caves day tour?
A. Jenolan Caves tours require 12hrs.

Q. What is the travelling time to Jenolan Caves?
A. 3.5hrs each way from Sydney.

Q. How long do we need at Jenolan Caves?
A. Cave tours are generally 60 to 90 minutes. Adding lunch then at least 3hrs at Jenolan Caves.

Q. We have children so what is the best cave tour for kids?
A. Chifley Cave is the best cave tour for kids and takes about an hour & has the least amount of steps.

Q. Do we need to be fit to have a cave tour?
A. No, but there are a lot of steps in all caves and most caves have some low sections in which you have to bend so as long as you have general mobility then you’ll be ok.

Q. What should we wear for Jenolan Caves? We heard it’s quite cold.
A. During winter months it’s cold so winter wear is required. Inside the caves (& the deeper you go) the temperature decreases so bring a jumper (sweater) or jacket to be on the safe side in the non-winter months. If you feel the cold then wear long pants as well.

Q. Can I purchase a jumper (sweater) or jacket at Jenolan Caves?
A. Yes, there is a gift shop that sells cold weather gear.

Q. Do you get wet doing a cave tour?
A. Not really. All caves have drips of water coming down in places and the ground is usually damp so wear enclosed shoes.

Q. Are Jenolan Cave tours dangerous?
A. No, if it was dangerous it wouldn’t be open as a tourist attraction.

Q. What else can we do at Jenolan Caves?
A. There are many walks available in the area.

Q. Are all the cave tours guided?
A. Yes, but there is one cave that is self-guided and free entry only with a purchase of a paid tour.

Q. Can we have lunch at Jenolan Caves?
A. Yes, there is sit down hot food available.

Q. What is the situation with the daily road closure at Jenolan Caves?
A. The last section of Jenolan Caves Road is one way (entering Jenolan) from 11:45 AM to 1:15 PM every day. This allows larger vehicles and coaches more room to manoeuvre & to enter Jenolan safely from the narrow roadway.

Q. What are the cave choices?
A. Please see the Jenolan Caves Cave Guide

Q. Do you have any maps or more information on Jenolan Caves?
A. Yes. Please see the Jenolan Caves Village Map and Cave Guide (pdf documents for download)

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