Private Bus Services During the Pandemic

Private Employee Bus

Whilst public transport in Sydney is limited to a more than half of the vehicles original capacity for carrying passengers this is not the case for private charter bus companies such as Sydney Charter Bus Pty Ltd.

For the safety of employees many businesses have a work from home option for staff but this is not always an option for many businesses and with their employees using the public transport system; this has caused many grievances with staff not being able to get on a bus due to capacity restrictions for physical distancing and many public transport services not (or not being able to) adding extra services to many routes and leaving people behind and getting to work late.

Even when COVID-19 pandemic is over, it will be a valuable lesson learnt and allows us to prepare for something similar in the future.

As Sydney is becoming closer and closer to a second wave with cluster breakouts in many suburbs it will be tough times again if we go into lockdown.

Sydney businesses need to get people to work and this is where Sydney Charter Bus can help.

Staff Shuttle Bus
Staff Shuttle Bus

We can offer a private staff and employee shuttle bus services without the restrictions in place in a clean and sanitised minibus or coach. We can offer short contracts to see you through the public transport restrictions and offer sanitisation products for your passengers each day in the form of masks, hand sanitiser, wipes and whatever products your company wishes to supply. We will run to the regulations you require including temperature checking, sanitising hands, face mask on all before boarding the bus if that is your condition.

There are many benefits of an employee shuttle bus which you can read more about HERE and we keep concise records for your analytics.

We all have to do our part during this pandemic and Sydney Charter Bus is here to help.

Contact us today to see how we can provide a staff shuttle bus service for you.


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