Benefits of a Staff Shuttle Bus Service in Sydney

Staff Shuttle Bus Service Sydney

Staff Shuttle Bus Service Sydney

Staff Shuttle Bus Service Sydney

Employee Shuttle Bus

Staff Shuttle Bus Service Sydney are a great way to promote workplace wellbeing and safety for office staff.

Sydney Charter Bus offers private contracted employee shuttle bus services in Sydney from a designated pickup point at a local car parking station, train or bus station, transport hub or any safe pickup zone to and from work grounds.

Sydney parking is at breaking point and is getting worse. Each year businesses have started to realise that a staff shuttle bus not only improves staff wellbeing but also productivity. With many valued employees leaving jobs because of restricted parking or prospective employees not accepting job titles because they may have to walk one kilometre or more from a parking or train/bus station.

One a nice day this may seem like a walk but in the middle of Sydney summers you will arrive to work clammy and uncomfortable. Winter time is just unpleasant and if it’s cold and rainy then the obvious choice is a staff shuttle bus.

For many women whom wear high heels to work then it will mean a spare bag for walking shoes. This is just not appealing for a lot of employees.

Every year the parking around corporate business parks, factories and shopping centres gets worse and worse.

Why relocate at a massive cost? Invest in a staff shuttle bus from Sydney Charter Bus.

Businesses that have already began staff shuttle buses have successfully demonstrated increased productivity and a higher sense of wellbeing in the workplace which helps them feel more connected to their workplace.

When employers are undertaking job interviews or building owners want to promote office space; a major drawcard is offering the shuttle service. A big turnoff for any potential client or employee is restricted parking and with Sydney squeezing in building after building into already busy suburbs.

When staff travel on shuttle buses together it allows the chance for these employees to bond with each other and we all know that a teamwork is crucial in the workplace. It also allows staff to get to know other co-workers that otherwise would not generally meet in the general working sphere.

When employees have to travel from the far reaches of Sydney to their workplace it may involve walking, driving or bus to the local train station, one or two and perhaps three train rides then having to walk the last leg to work does not make you want to get out of bed in the morning. A staff shuttle is a perfect way to eliminate some of this stress which means less sick days.

Staff safety is paramount. When employees have to walk in the dark to and from transport hubs, it can be a scary time for some. Eliminate this fear and stress with a shuttle bus run. Tick the boxes for your OH&S checks.

Sydney Charter Bus has been running local shuttle buses in North Ryde, Macquarie Park, Top Ryde, Lane Cove and Sydney CBD locations for over 6 years now and staff feedback has always been positive.

Staff on the bus have some time to talk about the day’s work schedule on the morning run or discuss tomorrows work schedule on the evening run.

Shuttle buses will drop off and pickup right at the front door of the workplace, it’s a personal service which makes staff have a more personal experience.

In business parks and industrial areas it’s also positive to have a lunch run to a local shopping centre which allows staff to get lunch or purchase goods from supermarkets that they’d be unable to do during a normal work day.

Lunch runs are always a winner.

Using a local bus company means the driver is never too far away so is always punctual which means that staff arrive on time all the time.

When there are multiple business in one Business Park then sharing the cost is perfect. Not only will you have happier employees but you’ll be known as a fantastic employer for supporting a better workplace environment a commitment to staff for their wellbeing. Be known for a great place to work.

With the price of road tolls in Sydney skyrocketing, fuel costs, on-road costs, insurance, registration and the rest….it can cost more than $25 per day for commuters and along with sitting in traffic can take up to 90 minutes or more to get to work and the same getting home which is why more and more people are turning towards public transport. It may take the same length of time in travel but way less in costs. Sometimes the cost of getting to work cannot be justified. Double that cost if you have to pay for parking every day.

A Staff Shuttle Bus Service Sydney helps eliminate commuter costs and means less cars on the road which means less congestion which is better for the environment.

With more companies becoming more conscious of its carbon footprint, shuttle bus services reduce your carbon footprint and employees will be more likely to use the service knowing they are also helping the environment.

Building owners that offer a shuttle bus service share the cost with its tenants so prospective tenants will see a staff shuttle bus a beneficial for their business.

Why choose Sydney Charter Bus for your local Staff Shuttle Bus Service Sydney?

We are fully accredited bus and coach company with public liability insurance and all drivers are authorised to carry passengers displaying their drivers authority card.

All staff shuttle buses will have signage showing employees which bus to catch.

An accredited bus company is allowed to use the bus lanes and bus only lanes so longer shuttle bus journeys can follow bus routes with fewer stops and arrive to the business place front door. Perfect!

What is the first step?

  • Staff surveys to understand staff commute times and costs
  • Surveys to understand the demand for a shuttle bus
  • Contact a local & accredited bus company who can help with route mapping and timetables
  • Promoting the shuttle bus service and promoting awareness

What do we do?

  • Keep a concise record of patron usage (daily run sheets) for weekly, fortnightly or monthly electronic submission
  • Keep you up-to-date with road changes, roadworks and any details that may affect the service

Contact us today for great rates and free price quotes on any Staff Shuttle Bus Service Sydney.


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