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Weddings in Sydney are always a special occasion but with Sydney’s current parking problems it becomes difficult for wedding planners to meet parking demands for guests. A lot of wedding services now are trending towards having the reception close to where the ceremony is located but sometimes it’s just that little bit too far to walk so the solution is a shuttle bus service.

Locations such as Bradleys Head in Mosman is one of the top wedding ceremony sites in Sydney with stunning city and harbour panoramic views situated in an open-air amphitheatre makes this an attractive option for any lucky couple tying the knot in front of impressed family and friends.

Most of the weddings at Bradleys Head Amphitheatre hold the reception at either Athol Hall Function Centre which is only one kilometre away or the Taronga Centre which is a further 500 metres.

As there is only about 11 car spaces at Bradleys Head, a free parking space is extremely unlikely and given the fact that while the wedding ceremony booked with the council, they supply a ranger and he/she takes one spot then reserves two spaces for the wedding. One for the wedding car and the other for a shuttle bus. That leaves eight spaces free. This is not enough to offer to your guests. The solution is to park around the parking spaces at Taronga Zoo and offer a shuttle bus to and from the Amphitheatre. Athol Hall also has parking so the shuttle bus can also stop there.

Offering guests another choice if they don’t want to drive is to have them catch the ferry to Taronga Zoo Wharf and the shuttle bus can add that as an additional pickup location.

As Bradleys Head vehicle useability is limited due to the road size, hairpin bends and turning circles so can only access using smaller vehicles. RMS states that no bus bigger than a 12 seater is to access Bradleys Head so if you have 100 or more guests then it is recommended using at least two shuttle buses for the wedding shuttle service as that makes it five runs each all within the hour.

The most common misconception is that because it’s only 1.5kms each way the shuttle bus should be up and back in minutes but that is not the case. The road is narrow and steep so the speed is slow and if oncoming vehicles it slows down more. Arriving at Bradleys Head Amphitheatre is not a quick drop and turnaround and return. If there is cars double parked waiting on a free space (and there usually is) or a vehicle is attempting to manoeuvre in a tight space it adds minutes to the run. Adding the loading and unloading of passengers all adds time. The run is about 12 minutes return.

Other locations may be a few kilometres away so a minibus 20 seater with driver can do 5 or more runs within the hour. You can opt for a coach to do some shuttle runs, however some churches may be only accessible through streets that have a vehicle weight limit or the street is too narrow for coach access or it is a tree lined with low overhanging branches which makes coaches unable to enter. Sydney Charter Bus offers great price rates for wedding bus hire Sydney.

There are many factors that require a shuttle bus for a wedding. Sydney Charter Bus are experts in the wedding shuttle bus hire and wedding shuttle bus services industry. Contact our friendly staff to obtain more information and a free no obligation quote for your next wedding bus hire Sydney.