Private Shopping Tours in Sydney

Shopping Tours Sydney

Shopping Tours in Sydney offers many opportunities to grab some bargains at factory outlet and warehouse prices. Across Sydney there are many small and large outlets and warehouses offering goods at discounted rates.

Sydney Charter Bus provides a personal experience and bespoke shopping tours in and around Sydney. While there are many choices for bus sizes, some outlets and factories are limited in space to accept large vehicles or don’t have the appropriate parking or turning areas for large coaches.

A minibus is a great value option, not only for small to medium size groups but the accessibility they have to areas the coaches cannot access. The minibuses can also bring a large, secure and weatherproof box trailer for goods to be stored throughout the day.

All vehicles are air-conditioned for comfort and have seatbelts for safety.

A shopping tour can be used to raise funds for a special event, a charity fundraiser or local fundraiser for a school.

A shopping tour in Sydney is a perfect way to raise funds and have a great day outing as well with friends and family.
Tip * Being the organiser you can snag a few extra benefits by contacting the outlets direct, let them know you are wanting to bring a group in and can they offer any incentives to bring the group there. It may be as little as a free coffee and a biscuit or as large as a coupon or voucher for that store.

At Sydney Charter Bus; we provide private shopping tours in Sydney so we don’t mix groups and only cater to your group with your itinerary and your times. We offer door to door service with the times that suits you. It’s that simple and convenient. Our focus is on your group and your day.

All our Sydney shopping tours are bespoke and we follow the itinerary set out by you regarding the locations to visit. We understand that timings don’t always go as planned and things may take longer at one location and less time at another which poses no problems for us. We are “as directed” on the day.

As every group is a different demographic in age or preferences in fashion, we know not to try to persuade you to visit an outlet so can receive a commission, we receive no kickbacks, commissions or incentives to bring groups to warehouses or factory outlets. We leave the destinations to your choosing.

We operate all year round. All services comes with a professional driver and you do not have to provide lunch for the driver, we take care of our own.

When choosing your destinations for the day, please keep in mind a meal break and travel time between locations as Sydney traffic is never going to get better. It may be only a short distance between outlets but may take longer than expected.

Locations such as DFO or Birkenhead which have many stores are ideal as you can experience the bargains in less time and not have to worry about spending an hour finding parking.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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