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Why does it take longer in a bus or coach for bus charter services?

Besides the obvious reasons……..one of the most common mistakes in the public perception is the travel time between locations in a minibus or coach from point A to point B.

When requesting quotes or placing a booking, a common and regular assumption is that it will take a certain amount of time either based on experience or Google Maps.

Based on experience:

99.9% of the time the past experience is someone has done this trip before or many times and it has taken X amount of time.

Google Maps:

Online map directions are time based…based on the time you have inputted the data so you may be inputting data on a Sunday on a leave now premise on which the time is then allocated for a potential trip on a Friday afternoon during peak hour which would be very different.

Although Google Maps does offer a “depart at” option it is rarely used or even known to most users.

When dealing with groups large or small, you are relying on the entire group to also be on time for the pickup. The larger the group the more potential late arrivals which also delays the departure of the bus. It is very rare that a bus departs on time and with a bus that is scheduled to depart at 09.00 can mean to some people to start arriving by 09.00 and by the time everyone has boarded and settled can 10 minutes or more before actual departure.

When the departure time is during (or heading into) peak hour services, a 10 minute delay in departure can mean an extra 30 minutes on the road in some cases.

All accredited bus companies fleet in NSW, regardless of size are limited to a speed of 100 kph on all freeways so over long distances this adds quite a considerable amount of time to the service. With an addition that all buses are generally slower in traffic anyway and adding compulsory stops in long distance services then an hour can be added to the journey.

We are also relying on everyone to actually adhere to departure times. If you must be at your destination by a certain time then talk with the bus company as they should know how long it will take at different times of the day and week. It is also better to arrive 20 minutes early than 20 minutes late so account for delays in departure, traffic bus speeds and time of day.

Now we have to take into account the ever growing and worsening Sydney traffic. Using any freeway and highway after 3pm on a weekday heading out of Sydney can add an hour or more to any journey so keep this in mind when planning or booking your next bus hire service.


If you are heading out of Sydney on a weekday, try to depart before afternoon peak hour begins.

If you require to be at your destination by a certain time then allow more travel time and consult the bus company.

Always us an accredited bus company


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