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Rules for Buses

NorthConnex is a 9 kilometre, tolled twin tunnel motorway providing a smooth and uninterrupted connection between the M1 Pacific Motorway at Wahroonga and the M2 Hills
Motorway at West Pennant Hills.

Rules for Minibuses and Coaches:

All minibuses and coaches over 12.5 metres long or over 2.8 meters clearance height (which is all vehicles in our bus fleet) must use NorthConnex tunnel unless we have a genuine pick up or drop off only accessible via Pennant Hills Road or meet certain exclusion criteria.
All minibuses and coaches not using the tunnel will pass through two monitored gantries and receive (at the time of writing this) a $194 fine.

Benefits of NorthConnex Tunnels for you:

  • Save up to 20+ minutes travel time on each leg of the charter or hire
  • Avoid 21 sets of traffic lights on Pennant Hills Road
  • Bypass and avoid 40 sets traffic lights on the Pacific Highway to the CBD
  • Enables a trip from Sydney to Newcastle or Hunter Valley region with only one set traffic lights each way.
  • Straighter and flatter route
  • Safer for our driver and your passengers
  • Avoiding 40kph School Zones along the Pacific Hwy & Pennant Hills Rd

What does this mean for you?


  • Shorter travel times between locations allowing more time at your event
  • Smoother and safer ride for the passengers
  • Reliable route from Sydney to M1 Freeway


  • Cost (at the time of opening): $23.97 for all heavy vehicles including minibuses.

A minibus or coach journey from Sydney CBD to Hunter Valley or any northern destination would normally use Pacific Hwy up to Wahroonga and enter the M1 Freeway without any toll charge. Using NorthConnex will mean also using all the enroute toll roads: Lane Cove Tunnel: $11.22, M2 Motorway: $23.97 and NorthConnex: $23.97 with a total cost of $59.16 for a Class B vehicle (minibus and coach). Adding the Sydney Harbour Bridge Toll on the return is another $4.00 taking the return total to $63.16.
This is a $122.32 total toll payment for a Sydney to a north destination and return using NorthConnex and enroute toll roads.

All toll roads in Sydney have price increases of around 4.25% per year calculated at an average 1.0625% rise per quarter. Based on prices as of October 2020

About the Tunnel:

The NorthConnex tunnel has been designed to keep drivers alert and focused through moderate curves in the road and changing visual displays. As one of Australia’s longest tunnels (9km), the unique lighting features have been installed to keep drivers engaged as they travel.
The speed limit for NorthConnex is the same as all Sydney tunnels at 80 kph with on ramps and off ramps at 70 kph.
100% coverage of the tunnel using over 750 cameras and digital radio break-in communication along with public address systems to directly communicate with motorists.

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